Driving Innovation, Building Tomorrow.

At STAR TCASE, we are carving our own path in the tech sector, standing out for our uniqueness and commitment to innovation. Our company is not just about making a difference by offering unique value, but we are also dedicated to sustainable development through the use of renewable energy.

With a focus on developing our own software, our team of experts utilizes Python to create solutions that are at the forefront of technology. From intelligent systems to advanced artificial intelligence applications, every project we undertake is designed to exceed expectations and set new standards in the industry.

Turning ideas into revolutionary solutions.

At STAR TCASE, we believe that the future of technology depends not only on the innovations we make but also on how they contribute to a more sustainable and efficient world. Join us on our journey to the future, where every step we take is filled with purpose and potential.

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The story of STAR TCASE began in 2015, born out of a personal need and an innovative vision. Founded by Diego Riveiro, a professional electrician who frequently faced a recurring issue: his mobile phone would constantly run out of battery. This personal challenge inspired him to devise a solution that was not only practical but also sustainable.

Our Journey: Inspired by Innovation, Guided by Vision.

With a deep expertise in electronics and a passion for renewable technology, Diego developed a groundbreaking solution: a mobile phone case with solar charging capabilities. This design not only offered an extended solution to mobile battery life but also brought a distinctive value to the market: the utilization of solar energy, a clean and abundant resource.

The idea was realized with the establishment of STAR TCASE in 2015. After two years of development and continuous improvements, our company’s innovation and impact were recognized in 2017 when we won the award for the best entrepreneurial initiative. This accolade not only validated our technology but also reinforced our commitment to sustainable innovation and the development of products that provide real solutions to everyday problems.

“Inspired by the same philosophy of integrating practical solutions with sustainable technology, we developed a revolutionary new concept: the self-recharging solar table.


“STAR TCASE: Innovating in the game of sustainability and virtual reality, today for tomorrow.”


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