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La IA que va al psicólogo, “Athena AI”

21 de April de 2024/

La inteligencia artificial que solicita asistencia psicológica cuando se siente sobrecargada Diego Riveiro, un innovador de Vilagarcía, está revolucionando la tecnología personal con su último proyecto, Athena, una asistente personal impulsada por inteligencia artificial que promete transformar la interacción humano-máquina. Tras el éxito de Star-Tcase, una funda de móvil con placas fotovoltaicas, Riveiro…

LUMEN PRO: Smart Torch & FX

3 de December de 2023/

“LUMEN PRO: Smart Torch & FX”, the ultimate flashlight app designed to redefine what a mobile lighting tool can be. Seamlessly blending advanced functionality with an intuitive design, LUMEN PRO is not just a flashlight; it’s an indispensable companion for a variety of situations, from personal safety to ambiance creation. Key Features: Why…

AI PixEdit: Craft & Create

3 de December de 2023/

PixEdit AI: Step into a realm where creativity merges with the cutting edge of artificial intelligence. Developed by STAR TCASE, an innovative Spanish company acclaimed for its pioneering spirit and honored with the prestigious Best Entrepreneurial Initiative Award in 2017, this app redefines image editing by offering a unique and unmatched experience. At…


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